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About Coconut Magic

The Founder, Jenni Madison & The Coconut Story

The Coconut Magic Story

Coconut Magic is a Kingscliff NSW based company dedicated to bringing you the finest quality coconut products. In 2009 founder Jenni Madison, was called to Thailand for what seemed to be a promising work opportunity. Things didn’t work out as planned and when life ‘fell apart’ so did Jenni’s health. Jenni found herself living in Thailand with no income and her health concerns became chronic.

After seeking advice from health professionals it wasn’t until a local recommended she use coconut oil to assist with her chronic digestive ailments. This is when synchronicity kicked in and a local supplier appeared with this magical oil. Jenni started to follow the guidelines from Dr Bruce Fifes’s book, Coconut Cures and was amazed at the results. Within weeks of using the coconut oil her health was transformed.

When Jenni phoned home to tell her family about the magic of coconut oil they went out to try some but they had responded with complaints about bad tastes in their food, and unbearable smells in the kitchen. After researching all coconut producers and extraction methods around the world, Jenni and her sister soon realised that the oil Jenni had discovered in Thailand was something amazing. From this moment onwards Jenni knew what she had to do and why she was really called to Thailand.

Coconut Magic’s coconut oil is premium because of its quality raw materials and unique extraction process making it therapeutic grade and the purest coconut oil on earth. It does not have a strong taste or aroma, it is light, creamy and beautiful.

Jenni made it her mission to educate others on the healing properties of coconut oil and coconut products, hence the birth of Coconut Magic in Australia in 2011. Today Coconut Magic’s premium range continues to grow offering the finest quality coconut products.

The Coconut Magic Difference

This is typical of the type of feedback we receive on a regular basis about our coconut oil and coconut products.

"Coconut Magic's coconut oil is the highest quality coconut oil I have come across. The taste is pure and fresh and is like no other coconut oil I have had. It's beautiful, I use it for everything. Especially in all my cooking and raw food recipes! Cannot live without it!"

The next question is why? What makes our coconut oil so noticeably different? This is a great question, and to this day each trip I make over to our farms and production facility, I continue to learn and understand better how and why our products are so incredible, and how blessed I am to be able to bring them to you.

Producing a quality coconut oil and coconut products is a very delicate process. It starts with the raw materials. Many companies will source their coconuts from wherever they can get them, using anything they can find - young ones, old ones, damaged ones. When it comes to coconut oil, to preserve the maximum Medium Chain Fatty Acid (MCFA) content it is important to use only mature, fresh, healthy coconuts. Soil type, location, country of origin all play a part in the quality of a fresh, mature coconut. If a coconut is not of this calibre, we disregard it. This ensure our products are of premium quality and that the maximum benefit of the MCFA content can be gained. It also ensures the incredible clean freshness of the final product.

The next step once the raw materials are carefully selected is the extraction process. To make it simple, our process uses no heat, no chemicals, no hexane, no dehydration, and a very gentle separation technique. When heat is used in the drying process it can create a stronger, almost pungent flavour in the coconut oil. Our no heat technique is what gives Coconut Magic oil its soft, mild flavour. The gentle extraction is what allows it to maintain the subtle, authentically raw, light coconut taste and aroma.

Some processes remove all of the coconut flavour, leaving the oil odourless and bland. I sometimes refer to this as an oil that has had the 'guts' removed. Although soft and mild, our coconut oil has maintained its integrity. To produce one 500ml jar of Coconut Magic pure coconut oil, we have cold pressed approximately 12 mature coconuts. For this reason we may never be able to produce the yields like some of the bigger companies. However, they may never be able to produce the same quality as us.

Find out more about our process.

Coconut Magic Brand Values

The personal magic touch
It's the passion and love we have for coconuts that make us stand out and inspire people to adopt a coconutty way of life. We love what we do and ensure we never stop having fun!

Live healthy and be happy while being inspired by yummy coconuts
Health should be a priority. A healthy mind, body & spirit. What do you have without your health?

Appreciate Mother Earth
Nature provides us with an abundance of healthy food and natural beauty. Without her we would not be alive. She deserves our love and appreciation.

We never stop learning
Whether it be about coconut oil, health products, super-foods or spiritual evolution. We stay inspired and continue to grow.

Create the future
Our reality shapes our destiny, our destiny shapes our future. We do not know what the future may be, but we do know that we play an active role in creating it.

Respect is at the heart of our business
We show respect by being honest at all times. We celebrate each person's individuality and uniqueness.

Magic happens when you believe in yourself
We look for meaningful ways to create a positive impact in our community, and then we take action!

Stop, smell the coconuts, and share the Magic
Gratitude is the key to success and conscious manifestation. It also makes life so much more fun!

Our Team

Every member of our team is a coconut lover. We consider our business to be a vehicle for each of us to express ourselves, our skills, and to grow from our coco-nutty experiences. The most important part of our business is the people, our team and our customers. Our team works hard to ensure all our lovely customers are happy. We do this by offering premium quality products and exceptional customer service.

We are so grateful to have your support. Thank you!

Healthier For You

Our philosophy is to live healthy and to be happy. We personally enjoy a nourishing, clean and vibrant lifestyle. Our products are reflective of that lifestyle. All of the Coconut Magic products that are made available to you, we love and use ourselves. Ours products are nutritious and healthy for you. They are also clean foods that are non refined, free from toxic chemicals, preservatives, and additives. Finally, our products are vibrant foods in that they carry the energy and healing vibration that Mother Nature intended.

Certified Organic

Our coconut products are all certified organic. When it comes to our virgin coconut oil, we go the extra mile and source our coconuts from our very own certified organic farms, ensuring both our farms and the production process are all certified. This gives us the utmost confidence that no pesticides or chemicals have been used at any stage during production.