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Our ambassador program supports inspirational and driven athletes from a variety of disciples to empower health and wellbeing within their community.

Pro Surfer: Bronte Macauley

Name: Bronte Macaulay

D.O.B: 09/01/1994

Home: Gracetown, Western Australia

I Grew up in Gracetown, a small town in the south west of Western Australia, that sits on a hill looking over a beautiful bay. I started surfing when I was nine, on a family camping trip up north and was instantly hooked. We did a family trip around Australia in our caravan that year, with my older twin sisters, younger brother and mum and dad. We would find these awesome caravan parks right on the beach on the east coast of Australia and the playful and warm beach breaks were very inviting. I started to compete at about 11-12 and found that I was quite competitive but at the same time just loved to surf. After finishing school I decided to try to purse professional surfing, traveling to the contests with my older sister and dad on a regular bases. I ended up qualifying for the womens world surfing tour for 2017, which consists of the top 17 womens surfers in the world and events in places like Brazil, Fiji, America, Europe and Australia.

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