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Nature provides us with an abundance of natural resources. Without her we would not be alive. To encourage and promote upcycling, Coconut Magic uses a special labeling process, which...
The definition of wellness is a state of being healthy in both body and mind.
So very simple yet so powerful!We need to breathe to live, however most of us don’t stop long enough to consciously breathe and connect with others and ourselves.
Something as simple as what we choose to eat can have a major effect on climate change yet this does not seem to be on the agenda.
Sasha was just eight weeks old when I brought her home. She had all of the gorgeous puppy traits plus one more unfortunate addition…she was covered in fleas! Being an advocate for...
Everyone knows that coconut oil is great for cooking and creating natural beauty treatments, but did you know that coconut oil has healing properties too?
When it comes to getting personal, coconut oil is a natural option you might want to also consider. Its ability to penetrate skin and provide all that vitamin E makes it a wonderful...
We are fast learning about the many benefits of coconut oil for our health, but did you know it can be equally good for your pets health too?

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