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Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil Bulk

Certified organic, cold pressed, unrefined and raw.

Packaged in BPA free plastic containers. Our range of bulk coconut oil includes 1.5 litres, 5 litres and 18 litre sizes. Ideal for those who are maximising the versatility of coconut oil, and also for those who want to save, and/or share nature's elixir with family and friends. The bulk Coconut Oil's long shelf-life means it's a great idea to stock up so that you will not run out too soon.

1.5 litre Coconut Oil is BACK IN STOCK

1.5L container $59.00
5L container $165.00
18L container $399.00

Our virgin coconut oil is gently extracted from freshly harvested mature coconuts. Our production method uses no direct heat or chemicals, with the result being a premium quality, raw and organic oil which retains its purity and nutritional content. We use a wet method centrifuge extraction process, cold-pressing the oil from our carefully selected fresh raw materials. Taste Coconut Magic to see why it is unlike any other coconut oil. Our oil has a subtle, natural taste and texture that our customers continuously rave about and you are bound to become addicted to!