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Organic Coconut Butter

Coconut butter contains 100% organic coconut flesh, its smoothy creamy texture will melt in your mouth. It has the highest proportion of nutrition while still preserving that delicious coconut texture and essence. Warm it up, stir a little, and enjoy a mouthful right from the jar! This certified organic coconut butter is the perfect addition to any pantry.

Coconut Butter 350g Jar $14.95

Coconut butter is made from the whole raw flesh of our certified organic coconuts before being dehydrated at minimal heat and ground into a delicious and creamy paste. Our coconut butter has a smooth texture and a rich coconut flavour, providing all the essential nutrients of the coconut. It is rich in healthy fats, fibre and minerals. Use as a spread over toast, as an ingredient in raw treats, or scoop it right off the jar!