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Organic Coconut Nectar

Naturally sweet and delicious, coconut nectar is a low GI (35), low fructose natural sweetener. This organic coconut product has taken the health world by storm as a natural, nutritious alternative to use as a sweetener for both raw and cooked recipes.

We have nicknamed our nectar "joy in a jar". Use as an alternative to honey or maple syrup in a range of dishes.

270g / 195ml $9.95
470g / 335ml $14.95
7.5kg / 5 litres COCONUT NECTAR $175.00
25kg / 18 Litres COCONUT NECTAR $465.00

Certified organic coconut flower nectar is naturally sweet and highly nutritious. Our coconut nectar comes from the coconut trees, derived from the liquid sap of the coconut flowers. This organic coconut product has a very low glycemic index (35) and contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids and a range of other nutrients.

When collected from the blossoms, natural coconut flower sap contains 1.5% fructose. As the water is removed from the sap, the fructose content of the final liquid reaches only about 10%. When compared to other sweeteners, such as honey, sugar or agave, this makes coconut nectar a low fructose option. As coconut nectar is a sucrose based sweetener, it may be a healthy alternative for people with fructose sensitivities.