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No-Bake Coco-Nutty Slice

By Casey-Lee Lyons

This recipe was designed by Brisbane nutritionist and recipe developer Casey-Lee Lyons from Live Love Nourish. For more healthy recipes please visit LiveLoveNourish

This is such a great snack or treat that gets the thumbs up from anyone who has tried it. Low sugar, grain free and nutrient-rich, our no cooking required recipe for No Bake Coco-Nutty Slice will send you coco-nutty!

Enjoy as a morning tea snack, at 3pm when cravings tend to kick in or as an after dinner treat.

Magical Ingredients:

What to do:

Make It Personal:

Sensitive to Nuts?

Substitute nuts for Sunflower Seeds and/or Pumpkin Seeds.

Sensitive to Fructose or FODMAPs?

Opt for Pure Maple Syrup instead of honey as your sweetener.
Stick to up to 1/4 cup coconut per serve.
Choose tolerated nuts and avoid cashews.

Vegan Option:

Opt for Pure Maple Syrup instead of honey as your sweetener.

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Author: Casey-Lee Lyons

Casey-Lee Lyons is a qualified Nutritionist and Naturopath, founder of Live Love Nourish and creator of the Live Love Nourish 8 Week Wellness Program, designed to inspire you to love and nourish your body from the inside out. Casey-Lee is passionate about holistic health and wellness and specialises in nutritionally designing whole food recipes free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar. Instagram @livelovenourishaus
Facebook @livelovenourish